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What is marineincidents.com?

This is a website dedicated to assisting natural resource trustees in the United States and worldwide with a virtual tool to communicate, plan and report the status of ongoing natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) and restoration actions associated with injuries to natural resources resulting from (but not limited to) the following: releases of oil and hazardous substances,  vessel groundings, and abandoned vessels.


What does marineincidents.com provide to natural resource trustees and managers?


This website provides natural resource trustees and managers with:

A method for communicating incident-specific information to the public through the establishment of an Administrative Record.

A means for providing interim plans (preassessment, assessment, emergency restoration, and restoration) for trustree review.

A confidential login section for trustee developing interim work products associated with NRDA and restoration.


Who are natural resource trustees?

CERCLA and OPA authorize the United States, States, and Indian Tribes to act on behalf of the public as Natural Resource Trustees for natural resources under their respective trusteeship [CERCLA §107(f)(1); OPA §1006(c)]. OPA also authorizes foreign governments to act as Trustees [OPA §1006(b)(5)].


Who prepared this site?


This Site has been prepared by LTCI. LTCI is a small, woman-owned environmental services firm that offers a wide array of scientific and policy support services designed to assist clients in assessing, quantifying and restoring impacts to marine and freshwater natural resources resulting from proposed developments as well as releases of oil and hazardous substances. More about LTCI

How can natural resource trustees and managers use this site as a NRDA, restoration and administrative record management tool?

Contact LTCI for information regarding how to use this website.

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